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Want to join the OTG Team as a Manager or Intern? If so, please e-mail: info@otg-management.com for more information or visit our Contact page to input more details.

Duuk Calor

President, International

Duuk Calor was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His father owns his own Jazz Club, so Duuk was raised in the middle of soul, funk and jazz. He started taking guitar lessons at the age of fifthteen. After two years he traded the guitar in for the piano and taught himself how to play the piano. During this time Duuk started working in clubs in The Netherlands, doing promotions, marketing and helped setting up events in the House, Hip-Hop and R&B scenes.

He is studying commercial economics with subjects such as marketing, management and communication at the University of Rotterdam in Europe. Besides those subjects he does a minor in Business model innovator. With his knowledge of the European market and an age of only twenty years old, Duuk is going to do his graduation assignment at OTG management in Los Angeles.