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On The Grind (OTG) Management was founded by Jeremy Cohen in 2011. Headquartered in Chicago and Los Angeles, OTG provides premier managerial services to a range of talent, including recording artists, video directors & music producers. With a continuously growing network of industry professionals in-place, OTG provides an array of services to advance the careers of their clientele. Additionally, On The Grind Presents promotes some of the top concerts in multiple markets across the US and operates a musicians agency. For more information or for artist demo submissions, please click the appropriate link above.

Wings of On The Grind

- Full-range management services for recording artists, music producers & visual artists, including but not limited to: securing recording/publishing deals, securing booking agent, public relations services, legal, booking & more. Represent: Sir the Baptist, Cody Johns & more.
- Presentations from OTG including film, visual productions, live performance experiences, creative work spaces & more
- Consulting services for recording artists and music producers. Click the "Consulting" tab at the top for more information.
- Charity wing of On The Grind Management LLC. We host charity concerts, toy & food drives, community work & more.